Oftentimes, people make blogs, but they are always worried about the number of people viewing their content. Increasing traffic to the blog is the real problem. This is because there are so many people with such innovative content and catchy profiles that it has become so difficult to compete with them. Many people often complain that they tried their level best to make everything exceptionally amazing but still it didn’t work out, and their followers are only increasing at a turtle’s speed. This issue has to be addressed and for it, we have come up with several ways to increase traffic to your blog.


It is safe to say that these days almost everyone has an account on Instagram. Instagram and other social media applications have received a lot of recognition and support. One of the ways to boost up the traffic is to link your blog to Instagram. Social media applications have more traffic than websites, so this way all you have to do is to work on getting followers on Instagram and this will be comparatively easier as the traffic on Instagram is always great.

Develop partnerships

Establishing partnerships goes highly unnoticed by many as they do not seem to understand the good behind it. Even if you want to learn how to increase followers and viewers on social media account, the simple answer is partnerships. How this works is very simple. When you approach a fellow blogger to collaborate with you, it means a win-win deal. In the beginning, it seems that it will not work out, but it does. Your followers ultimately start following your partner, and his/her followers start following you. This is how easy it is. Your task is to find a good blogger who is willing to get in this with you.

Paid advertising

Oftentimes, it is not your content that is the problem, but it is the influx of other people’s content that is the real issue. This issue can not be sorted out with you sitting in one place and hoping for your blog to reach new heights of success. You have to determine ways to make it possible.

One of the ways which work out for many people is paid advertising. This does not mean that we are trying to get fake traffic or trying to get our work done through unfair means. Advertising companies are very experienced and know how to boost up the profile of a specific person, so leave it to their hands, and they will get it done.

To put it forward in simple words, if you really want the traffic on your blog to escalate, you will have to work hard towards it. Making your profile on Instagram in one way and getting followers on it is another to reach this dream. You may even try paid advertising, and it will work out, as it has done wonders for others. All you have to do is to have firm on yourself and never think about giving up.