Every time you handle this type of case, you need to be careful about the factors and evidence that you have. Any lawyer that you approach doesn’t want to lose time and doesn’t want to hear the nonsense of how you know what happens. They want to know facts. They need to know what exactly happened. And that means nothing but the truth. Anything apart from that brings chaos and distraction when you are in the courtroom.

It shouldn’t be rocket science to figure out what you will need to gather before looking for an experienced lawyer. Anyway, you can check this information on the website of the Bergen County personal injury lawyer firm or turn to other professionals. Here are the keys you should consider before making a move on filing a personal injury case.

Severeness of injury

Injury in a court of law ought to be perceived. That means that it should be able to see with a naked eye and has a great impact on the plaintiff. This means that one cannot work, move normally or enjoy the hobbies they initially had. If that’s the case, then the victim should have every right to sue the defendant.

You should not hesitate if you find yourself in this situation.  However, some things are irrelevant in a court of law. Mainly because they can’t be seen. They include:

– The pain and stress experienced.

– Claiming a certain neurological illness.

Such arguments aren’t good enough and will not move your case to be solved in a court of law. Instead, you can use claims like negligence or medical costs that are beyond your current pay.


If you are a smart plaintiff, then you will need to document the defendant’s personal information and insurance information beforehand. Collecting this data can be done when an accident happens. Ensure you collect all the data that you can. If you weren’t in a suitable position, then you can come to an entirely different approach.

This might mean that you will need to up your brevity game. Approach the defendant straight on and make sure that they confess about their negligence or conscious fault. Doing this puts you in a position of great leverage and advantage. It will be their words against them.

When evidence shows that the defendant is guilty, it will offer you a clear liability on them. This means there’s no more doubt on who is paying.

Having a medical professional by your side

If you land on an aggressive defendant, they make use of medical records to prove if you are seriously injured. If you lack actual documentation from a medical facility, you might find it hard to reach the trial phase of a personal injury case. The defendant may claim that you are faking the injury to get paid. You need to be prepared for the worst. Make sure that you know the name of the person who treated you and the location of the hospital. Then make sure the medic writes a testimonial of the impact the injury has done on you.

Taking things professionally creates a professional image that is important for you to be taken seriously.