Before jumping into the whole discussion, we should understand the kind of person we are dealing with. We are dealing with a man who was once a street care conductor, midwife, insurance salesman, tires salesman, and school dropout by sixth grade. The mastermind behind the mysterious and delicious recipe. His name is Colonel Sanders.

As a young person, it might be awkward learning from the old man. But beware of the wisdom that is about to flip your mind. And remember, if you have something to add to this article, share it through mykfcexperience.

Here are the invaluable lessons we can pick from Colonel Sanders.

Nobody’s life is easy

The true source of happiness is to understand the rough patches people have to go through. The member of the Sanders had to grow up at only five years old. Born in Henryville, he had to pick up the responsibility of his dead father and stay home to cook for his siblings while his mother was forced to pick a job. Apart from that, Colonel Sanders was from a humble background and quit his elementary life by sixth grade. From then, he has picked up odd jobs like being a midwife or a secretary.

We can see the dabbling nature of the young Colonel as he jumped from one linework to another; until he found his calling in the food industry.

Understand the character of humans

The best skill you can ever yearn for is to get to the heart and soul of others. Despite Colonel Sanders growing a wonderful business, he lost it in the end to people like John Y. Brown Jr., who was 29 years old in Kentucky, and other potential business investors. Remember, after getting a great life epiphany, Colonel Sanders spent most of his time on the road and depending on cooked meals from his friends. Yet, Brown, a member from his town, tried to feed on his sweat.

It is critical to understand what entails a good character. Do not be overexcited with the fancy clothes, reputation, and public image. Instead focus on their previous records, resilience under pressure, past actions, tolerance of other people’s indifference, and completion of tasks. Misunderstanding of these ideas cost Colonel his business and the great heritage and inheritance his family would have gained.

Passion is driven by success

This is the exact model that Steve Jobs used to focus on the consumer rather than the engineers who are creating the technology. Because it is the product-service experience of the consumer that matters at the end. What we mean is that you need to find one thing which will spark with your audience. Once you find it, produce it like crazy. For Colonel Sanders, it is the chicken he cooked for weary meals. This is what separates ordinary from extraordinary. The ability to notice what works and not works.

Keep it a secret

Young minds should understand the aspect of keeping secrets in a business. Being a monopolistic power can generate high profits and sales for your corporation. For example, it is not easy to join the fizzy drinks production industry where Coca-Cola and Pepsi dominate because they have their formulas for reaching the end goal. Kentucky Fried Chicken managed to do this by using an original recipe.