Instagram can be termed a social media platform that has benefitted people of every category in several ways. Firstly, it is an excellent source of entertainment for people in stressful times to keep themselves sane and happy. In a world full of negativity and sad news spreading rapidly, Instagram offers its users peace of mind so people can get rid of stress and be mindful of what they are doing or plan to do. Secondly, Instagram is also an excellent platform for people who aspire to earn through their skills. Instagram is offering people to make through good content creation and paid promotions. Why are Instagram influencers so popular? This is the question that is in everyone’s minds, and the answer to this is simple. They have a vast number of followers and earn a good living through Instagram.

How much money do Instagram influencers make?

The money that these influences make vary depending on the number of followers. Hence, nobody can blindly predict the amount that they will make.

Less than 10,000 followers

This number may be termed as a big deal, but this is the benchmark set by Instagram. Any influencer having between 6,000 and 10,000 can make up to 88 dollars per post. This doesn’t mean that every influencer will get this amount. This is the maximum that an individual can earn. This amount varies from post to post. An influencer may earn less than that, too, depending on the nature and type of content.

Less than 100,000 followers

At this point, the influencer is relatively stable and ends up receiving a massive number of requests from brands and organizations. Brands want their products to be advertised in return for freebies which may cost the influencers an arm and a leg. In this scenario, there are paid promotions too but not to a great extent. In such advertisements, brands pay influencers a certain amount in return for advertising their products. Two hundred dollars is what an influencer must bear in mind if the followers are between 50,000 and 80,000. This is not a bad offer as a good content creator can earn a good living with it.

Less than 1,000,000 followers

This is an excellent figure for a blogger to live the life of his or her dreams. In short, one can say that a blogger will genuinely get the reward of how hard he worked to reach this colossal number of followers. At this point, companies are willing to pay you even more to advertise their products. Every single day, one can expect hundreds of brands to have sent emails to be advertised. This is a reasonable period wherein bloggers can pick and choose whomever they wish, as money isn’t a problem. Other than that, one can expect up to 670 dollars for each post displayed on the feed. This is the reason why Instagram influencers are so popular.

In conclusion, Instagram followers have become way popular than people had anticipated. Many are interested to know how much they earn. The amount varies depending on the number of followers.