If you are having problems in the cash management process, you need to upgrade with the current technology and equipment. Cash handling can be time-consuming. For an average three-to-five register retailer, employees can spend up to 15 hours per day managing cash. The solution to solving this involves investing in a currency discriminator. Carnation Inc offers some of the best cash management tools in the industry.

So, what can this “baby” do and how can we decide if it’s the right solution?

What is a currency discriminator?

Currency discrimination is a cash management tool designed to improve how people handle their money. This process has been made easy, fast, accurate, and optimal for any operator. Apart from just counting bills quickly and accurately, it can also generate bank deposits.

Furthermore, it has an edge over the single bill money counter because it can tell the difference between multiple currencies. If you stack different currencies in the compartment, the machine’s bill recognition software will give a sum for each domination in the batch (this is in terms of amount and number). Bills that are not recognized are rejected and cast aside.

You can also explore the versatile options it provides like ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared systems to detect counterfeit bills or the ability to sort, face, orient, add and batch bills.

Despite all these benefits, the currency discriminator has its shortcomings. It is more expensive than other bill counters. Due to its’ weight, it requires considerable upper body strength to move it. Discriminators are highly complex machines and require more time and training for operators to understand it’s functionality. For example, one must understand where rejected bills are placed and where counted bills are placed. Or the difference between a motor error and a recognition error.

Even though discriminators are the best solution, customers still prefer counters because of the lower price point. Therefore, it is better if you go for long-term gains.

With a currency discriminator, you can significantly reduce the amount of time your staff spends on cash handling. Simply feed the mixed batch into the machine and let it handle the mess. It will also reduce the number of errors and inconsistencies.

During this Covid-19 pandemic period, investment in a currency discriminator should be a must for any business. It shows how much you care for the well-being of your employees by reducing their risk of infection.

Models of a currency discriminator

One should assess their needs before jumping to buy a currency discriminator. There are various models of the currency discriminator. These models differ in size, shape, functionality, use, and cost.

It is important to note the kind of use each model has and use that information in your context. For more information, you can visit the Carnation Inc website (been cash counting since 2004). You can get adequate intel on the price, model, and customer reviews about the product you are considering buying.